Meet The Doctors

Dr. Robert Zimmerman

“Dr. Bob”

After graduating from Dental School, my family and I returned to Waynesboro and acquired the practice of the retiring Dr. Donavan Shockey.  I thoroughly enjoy dentistry and still love coming to work each morning.  The office has been blessed with wonderful staff, who have been with me for many years and whom I look forward to greeting each day.

The long-term friendships with patients who have been with me for 3 or 4 decades have been heartwarming and I look forward to catching up with their lives at each visit.  By the same token, I enjoy meeting new patients and learning what brought them to the Waynesboro area and to our office.  Fortunately, throughout my career, I have been blessed with a steady stream of new patients.

I feel so fortunate to be able to relieve pain, restore smiles and transform lives.  Dentistry is so rewarding to me that I have spent more time doing volunteer dentistry than taking vacations.  This happens both locally and internationally.