Meet The Doctors

Dr. Robert Zimmerman

“Dr. Bob”

After graduating from Dental School, my family and I returned to Waynesboro and acquired the practice of the retiring Dr. Donavan Shockey.  I thoroughly enjoy dentistry and still love coming to work each morning.  The office has been blessed with wonderful staff, who have been with me for many years and whom I look forward to greeting each day.

The long-term friendships with patients who have been with me for 3 or 4 decades have been heartwarming and I look forward to catching up with their lives at each visit.  By the same token, I enjoy meeting new patients and learning what brought them to the Waynesboro area and to our office.  Fortunately, throughout my career, I have been blessed with a steady stream of new patients.

I feel so fortunate to be able to relieve pain, restore smiles and transform lives.  Dentistry is so rewarding to me that I have spent more time doing volunteer dentistry than taking vacations.  This happens both locally and internationally.

Dr. Craig Stone

I have been blessed by God with certain gifts and talents. I was led in about the 9th grade to consider and pursue dentistry as a career. God opened doors and I walked through them throughout college and dental school, both at the University of Michigan.
I opened my office in Michigan upon graduation, in 1980, and practiced on my own for 25 years. Then, it seemed God would have me consider other work related possibilities. An opportunity in Waynesboro became available. Again doors were opened and Linda, my wife, and I began walking through them. We are enjoying married life together in such a wonderful part of our country. We have met many new friends and are making this area our home for the rest of our lives.

With forty years of experience I am thankful I have been allowed to become a dentist. The opportunity to meet people, develop continuing relationships, and directly help people become healthier and stay that way is very rewarding. 

Dr. Naga Guntupalli

Naga Tarun Guntupalli, DDS (Dr. Naga) joined the practice January 2, 2020.  He brings with him his extensive training and expertise as a graduate of New York University School of Dentistry in 2016.

Dr. Bob shared, "We are looking for a qualified individual with a genuine, loving concern for patients, staff, community, and God, and Dr. Naga was in search of a small, caring community where he and his wife, Deepika could become active participants and begin their family."  Happily the doctors found each other.

Compassion for others has been an essential value for all three doctors.  Dr. Naga, Dr. Bob, and Dr. Stone share their devotion of service to patients, their Christian faith and their universal fondness for all people, especially those they can help.

In the same spirit, Dr. Naga was honored as Student of the Year at NYU in 2014. and the President's Service Award in 2015 for his local mission work in recruiting fellow students to reach out to the less fortunate of the city with sorely needed dental treatment at on-site free clinics.  Having received support from multiple individuals in India and the United States that allowed him to achieve his goals, Dr. Naga responds proactively to pay it forward to those he can assist now.  He sees his profession and training as a  welcome opportunity to, in his words, "give back to others with whatever healing my hands can provide."

The difference in their ages is another strength Dr. Naga brings to Covenant. Dr. Bob, and Dr. Stone have over 80 years of combined experience to share with Dr. Naga.  He, on the other hand, will bring fresh insight and add additional services to the Covenant team.  At age 34, Dr. Naga is at the dawn of building relationships with his patients and staff for decades to come.  He welcomes the challenge with enthusiasm and open arms.

Dr. Naga and his wife relocated to Waynesboro from the York area. Covenant Family Dentistry will be all the better for their presence with us.